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「stock」★ your aura captivates me。
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「stock」★ your aura captivates me。
So over on tumblr, tumblrgondoleia/idelweiss linked to this fashion editorial on fakingfashion that gave us a lot of feels. A LOT. My favorite page probably has to be this one:

liu wen
(click to enlarge)
[photo: Liu Wen, Chinese model, dressed in a sleek leather dress and wearing a black cowboy hat. She has her hand out, and a falcon? hawk? rests on her gloved wrist with its wings spread. Purple mountains and golden brush paint a background reminiscent of old Western films.]

tumblrgondoleia then brought up Firefly and the train wreck of whitewashing that it was, which reminded me of this quote:

”[…] In some other western states, particularly Idaho, Montana, and Nevada, Chinese population was once quite high. The Idaho Territorial Census of 1870 reported them as 28.5 percent of the population; in that year they were 9.5 percent of the population of neighboring Montana. A decade later Chinese made up 8.7 percent of the population of Nevada. Each of those figures declined rapidly as Chinese were eliminated from the mining industry and the mining industry itself declined. These Chinese pioneers have largely been written out of the histories of the western states. When Chinese do appear in them it is as exotic curiosities or as victims. Their pioneering role as developers of the economy of the West has simply been ignored.”

— Harry H. L. Kitano & Roger Daniels (2001), Asian Americans: Emerging Minorities (3rd edition)

tumblrmissturdle also brought up the fact that cowboys as a concept/historical thing isn't even white to begin with. I then made a post with some notes and imagery on what I imagined a more Chinese Western would look like.

As we all know, I've been having a lot of feels about Sino-American identity, history, diaspora feelings, etc. etc. etc.; it's part of my grad school research and part of my personal interests. My other project, Sinochesters (which I'm thinking of writing for for spn_j2_bigbang!!), also explores Americana from a Chinese-American/Sino-American perspective.

Much as I dearly love Firefly, the hurt of it being whitewashed will never fully recede. And my solution to that hurt lately has been racebending (also obvious in Sinochesters); I've done a little bit of racebent!Firefly via podfic of “春雨 (Spring Rain)” by [personal profile] mercredigirl.

I'm thinking of either doing more racebent Firefly or writing a separate, original speculative fiction version of a space Western with actual Chinese people in it. I'm not and have never really been interested in historical fiction, and so I probably wouldn't write an actual Western, especially since I'm not into Westerns as a genre anyway. Things I would explore would probably include:

  • Americana of color; that is, the US and Americana from the perspectives of people of color and from bi/multicultural individuals;

  • diaspora'd spaces; Chinese America; displacement and creation of new homes and cultural centers;

  • inter-PoC relations; cooperation between different PoC groups;

  • language and language contact in a Western setting that isn't just white;

  • and probably more stuff that I'll think about later.

This also reminds me of They Die by Dawn, a predominantly Black Western movie that's marked as 2012 on imdb but doesn't seem to have been released yet:

HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO COMBINE THESE EVEN. I'm going to see if I can look for Westerns with Mexican and Native American presence as well (recs appreciated!!). THEN I'LL SET IT ALL IN SPACE. Or maybe steampunk it. OR SOMETHING. Something to make it more speculative, 'cause I'm really not interested in historical Westerns much... AHH. So many ideas; I'm hoping to make some kind of actual sustainable project with a result, even if it's just a short short story. @_@

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「stock」★ your aura captivates me。
First off, thank you so much for signing up to fill one of my requests! ♥ I haven't participated in a fic exchange for, uh, six years?, so please excuse me if I'm doing any of this wrong, and feel free to message a mod to ask me for more details or more clarification.

Secondly, please take these as just guidelines or a general idea of what I like. You are in no way obligated to adhere only to my ideas—by all means, go crazy and enjoy.

Fandom 1: Supernatural
Women: Pamela Barnes, Missouri Mosely, Bela Talbot, Claire Novak, Cassie Robinson, Maggie [Ghostfacer; I know she wasn't on the list, but just as an optional extra?]
Optional Details: Probably my first preference on this list is a backstory for Missouri Mosely. I loved her character when she stepped on the screen, and I would really love to know more about her—backstory? Her interactions with John? How did she discover her psychic powers? How does she cope with them? I also would sort of really love an exploration of race/ethnicity here too, since she's one of the very few chromatic characters on this show, but please don't feel obligated to tackle that if you're not comfortable with handling the subject.

For Claire, I love stories that deal with grown-up!Claire, and/or stories that explore Castiel's effects on Claire. (cf. twoskeletons' and be_themoon's Claire fics)

I also love AUs that deviate slightly from canon (i.e. what if x didn't happen in canon? or what if x succeeded instead of failed?). Especially ones that really explore the depths of the ramifications of those deviations.

Fandom 2: Torchwood
Women: Vera Juarez
Optional Details: ANYTHING. Absolutely anything. I'm still so bitter over Vera. Backstories! Fixits! AUs! An exploration of race/ethnicity would, again, be awesome, but if you're not comfortable with that, no worries. I would just be flailing forever if you wrote anything Vera, really.

Fandom 3: Doctor Who (new)
Women: Liz X, Rita (from The God Complex), Jenny (the Doctor’s Daughter), Sally Sparrow, Reinette
Optional Details: Backstories would be great. In the case of Jenny and Sally Sparrow, however, I would love to see what they're doing with their lives post-Doctor encounters. Jenny's intergalactic adventures! Sally dealing with everyday life, but the knowledge that there's so much more out there still haunts her! AU!Reinette! Backstory!Reinette! Badass!Liz X! Rita as a companion! I LIKE EXCLAMATION POINTS! \o/

Things I do not like reading: Rape, non-con, dub-con, sexism (it's okay if the characters fight back against it though—something along the lines of what I did with “Passing” is fine; subtlety in fighting back is perfect); I also don't really enjoy soul-crushingly miserable angst (and don't tend to enjoy cavity-inducing schmoop either, sooo) or pure PWP (I like my sex contextualized)... other than that, idk. Really, I'm good with most things, and you can override the things I dislike by writing it well, by which I mean contextualizing it and dealing with the issues in a sensitive manner.

Oh, and bonus points if you cross the fandoms over in a logical way, but that's totally not necessary.

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